Nichiei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1953, Nichiei Kogyo has contributed to society by providing construction services for more than 65 years.

We own our own fleet of heavy equipment machinery and have received six awards from the Ministry of Defense Chugoku-Shikoku Defense Bureau (the most of any construction service company in Iwakuni).

Business content

Civil engineering/construction business

Road construction, River construction, Sewerage construction, Waterworks construction, Park construction,

Residential land development work

Quarrying business

Reinforced soil wall construction, Slope reinforcement work, Expansion joint replacement work, bridge repair work

Real estate business

Residential land building transaction business

Company Profile

Company NameNichiei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Head office location4-4-26 Marifumachi, Iwakuni, 740-0018 Yamaguchi, Japan
TEL+81 827 21 1630
DUNS number705293447
Capital20 million Yen (190kUSD)
Number of employees23
Annual revenues1.1 billion yen (11mUSD) 

Business Scope

Civil engineering/construction business.

Nichiei Kogyo’s construction business covers roads, rivers, water and sewage, residential land development, building exteriors, parks, slopes, and other onshore civil engineering works and low-rise housing construction. In recent years, we have accumulated a track record of offshore civil engineering work such as port and fishing port development and have received high praise from our customers for providing high-quality construction services. We are also actively working on bridge repair work, where demand is expected to increase due to aging infrastructure. In addition, as a designated waterworks contractor, our engineers design and construct waterworks.

As for heavy machinery, we have 15 qualified personnel operating 13 units to respond during emergencies.

Nichiei Kogyo owns a gravel pit in Iwakuni City and provide high-quality sand for public embankment works and private residential land development works.

Real Estate business.

Nichiei Kogyo real estate business covers the full range of activities from residential land development work to land/building purchase as well as real estate brokerage business. We also provide construction of barrier-free environments and strive to develop our services conforming to the needs of our community.

SAM Registered


113310 , 212319 , 212321 , 221310 , 236210 , 237110 , 237120

237130 , 237310 , 237990 , 238120 , 238990 , 561730 , 5621191

5621191 , 236118 , 237210 , 238910

Management Philosophy 

Our guiding principle is to work toward the realization of a safe, secure and prosperous local community through manufacturing with the spirit of craftmanship.


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    Managing director:  Yoichiro Morichika