Kinshu Construction Co., Ltd.

We have wide experience in drone operations, and we also provide disaster relief support, security surveys of oceans and mountains, as well as surveys of construction sites.

Business content

We have received numerous orders for both public works and private sector projects, as well as from MCAS Iwakuni since 2003.

We also deliver sportswear and supplies to MCCS, especially related to judo, receiving orders for various items, such as tatami mats and clothing.

Currently, demand from both inside and outside Iwakuni is increasing, ranging from drone design to assembly, guidance, and surveying.

In the aluminum sash department, we have a lot of experience and knowledge from buildings to factories with ventilation smoke exhaust switchgear and we can also deliver hybrid ventilation systems.

Company Profile

Company NameKinshu Construction Co., Ltd.
Head office location4-18-18 Marifumachi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
DUNS number703553503
Capital3 mYen
Number of employees17

Business Scope

Civil engineering work
  • Earthworks, sewerage, structures, drainage, etc.
  • Steel erection, support work, steel sheet pile placement
Assembled concrete retaining wall
  • SP wall retaining wall
  • Surveying, design and management related to civil engineering and construction
Tunnel leak prevention gutter
  • Conduit method
Special underdrain drainage work
  • Vinyl drainpipes
Drone business
  • Drone video shooting
  • Drone surveying UAV surveying
  • JUIDA Yamaguchi Drone School
Apparel business UNDER PRO
  • Manufacture and sale of various underwear for sports
Aluminum sash installation and maintenance

SAM Registered


236210 , 332321 , 333314 , 333249 , 333318
334513 , 451110 , 453930 , 541370 , 811310

Management Philosophy 

We strive for optimal security for our employees and business. This includes a sustainable business based on a strong financial performance.


  • Land surveyor
  • First-class civil engineering construction management engineer
  • Technical supervisor
  • Third-class on-​the-ground special radio operato
  • Radio-control operator
  • JUIDA certified instructor


By providing drones for agriculture and industry applications, we support our clients to advance towards the next generation of technology while contributing to an environmentally friendly strategy and a sustainable economy.

In addition, we promote the active participation of women in leadership positions.


If you have any inquiries about our job,
please contact us at the phone number or email below.

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    Contact us : Kinshu Construction Co., Ltd.
    Tel: 090-3174-0909

    Managing director: Hideyori Arikuni