Kawasaki Transportation & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Since our founding in 1919, we have been developing into a local leader covering a wide range of businesses centered on construction, transportation, logistics and civil engineering.

Business content

Construction Division

Providing end-to-end construction management services, covering projects of various sizes, such as plant equipment maintenance, large-scale repair work, and new construction work at major factories.
In cooperation with the transportation business, group companies, and partner companies, we carry out integrated total management, from material procurement to construction work, ultra-high pressure cleaning, industrial waste transportation, and removal.

Transportation Division

Based in the Chugoku region, we arrange transportation services for various types of cranes, trucks, trailers and dump trucks. We also offer services to Kyushu, Shikoku, Kansai, and other parts of the country.

Logistics Division

The Kawasaki Group safely and reliably delivers the transportation of refined petroleum products throughout the Chugoku region with a range of about 150 lorry vehicles.

Company Profile

Company NameKawasaki transportation & engineering Co., Ltd.
Head office location4-15-25 Shinminato-machi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
TEL+81 827 22 0173
DUNS number694031329
Capital50 million Yen (475kUSD)
Number of employees270 (male 250, female 20)
Annual revenues6,600 million yen (62mUSD)

Business Scope

Industrial waste transportation
Freight car transportation business
Plant construction design and construction
General construction industry
Architectural business
Firefighting facility construction business
Machinery and equipment installation work
Water supply facility construction business
Plumbing work business
Masonry business
Steel structure construction business
Pavement business
Civil engineering business
Painting business
Scaffolding and earthwork business
Architectural business
Dredging business
Coastal cargo handling and marine transportation
Construction machinery and cargo handling machinery leasing business
Ultra high-pressure cleaning industry
Design, manufacture and sale of waste treatment machines
Warehousing business
Non-life insurance agency business
Specified worker dispatch business
Business related to real estate sales, leasing, brokerage and management
Sale of volatile oil, kerosene, lubricating oil and other petroleum products
Demolition business

SAM Registered


236117 , 236118 , 236210 , 236220 , 237110 , 237990

238990 , 488490 , 488999 , 532412 , 562211 , 562119 , 562998

Management Philosophy 

Through safe and environmentally friendly business activities, we pursue customer satisfaction and the happiness of all employees and their families and contribute to the community through the sound development of our business.


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    • Inquiries, confirmations, and opinions gathered from our company to improve services necessary for business execution

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    Managing director: Toshio Aoki

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